The Final Rift Guide Ever Written

Xerxes Guide ReviewIf you are ready to play Rift: Planes of Telara, you will need a good Rift guide. like the mentioned in Xerxes Guide review. That is of course unless you have played World of Warcraft. If you have played WoW before, playing Rift will seem very familiar as it is basically the exact same game with a different skin. It is actually quite humorous how similar the two games.

All things considered, the game is exactly like World of Warcraft aside from a few key points. The first thing is the whole “souls” part of the game. Each class basically has 8 talent trees that you can pick from. These talent trees also unlock all of your class abilities, so if you do not have a talent tree equipped, you don’t get the basic abilities of that class.

The other thing about the souls system is you do not get many talent points at all. You have just enough talent points to fill out one talent tree and put a few talent points in another tree. There are not many tri-specs. This means that you basically have 8 different classes which play somewhat similarly but have different abilities all under the same umbrella that is your class.

The end result is that while players have tons of options, it is really hard to balance. Some classes are very good as there are millions of combinations out there that people are just beginning to discover.

The real problem is that if they nerf all of these abilities to keep it balanced in PvP or PvE, the game will really start to lack flavor and excitement because all of these abilities will be the same.

Naturally, the game didn’t do good, but I don’t think that it had to do with the class system. Basically the developers of Rift revamped the class system to make it more flexible (which is a good thing), but also failed to do anything about their end-game system. They basically upgraded WoW’s class system but left end-game exactly the same, which sort of caused its downfall.

They could really have let players have fun with all these classes and options by keeping the nerfing light and making all content in the game doable by 1-4 people. This of course would result in a backlash from the very niche raiding community, but it would have been good for the game overall and people might actually still be playing it today if that was the case!

So much for a Rift guide!

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Starcraft 2 Guide – What You Must Know About SC2

If you have played Starcraft 2 before, you know just how hard it can be. In this Starcraft 2 guide, I will be explaining the most important basics that you must understand if you are going to have success in SC2.

The first concept you must understand is time. This is heavily discussed at the great Starcraft 2 guide over at Starcraft 2 boils down to one thing: timing. You need to turn on the game clock option in order to see what the exact time is in the game at every second of the day. The reason you do this is because there are certain speeds at which events can happen.

For example, you know a 4-Gate can’t possible come at the 5 minute mark, so there is no point in getting up defense against a Protoss player opening with a 4-Gate until you’ve not only scouted it but it is around the 6 minute mark when units for the 4-Gate will start getting here.

Why is that important? Because by getting the bare minimum amount of units needed to survive, you can squeeze out more workers, which means you will have more money all game, which will lead to more units down the road when it comes time for you to attack your opponent.

You can even invest your resources into more workers, which can give you even more resources which will have a compounding effect. This refers to your economy, and your economy is everything in Starcraft 2. When it comes down to it, whoever has the better economy has a bigger advantage the longer the game goes on. A big economy lets you build more and more units the longer you keep that advantage.

That again comes down to time. If a player has 5 more workers than you for just 60 seconds of time, he has no advantage. If he has had 5 more workers than you for 10 minutes, he has potentially thousands of points of extra resources and ultimately get an extra 20 supply or so of units when you actually do engage.

Do everything you can to maximize your own economy as well as everything you can to hurt your opponent’s economy. If you can take out a few workers early in the game, that can often cause your opponent to lose the game right then and there.

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An SWTOR Strategy Guide to Launch Day

So, it’s launch day for SWTOR – what are you going to do? Head to for a good SWTOR strategy guide. Here, you will find your launch day plan so that you know exactly what to do once you get in the game. The first thing you will want to do is figure out what class you are going to pick and what faction you are going to play as.

SWTOR Strategy Guide

What you can expect based on the trends from previous MMORPGs is that the best PvP players typically always side with the “evil” faction, in this case it would be the Empire, while the best PvE players typically side with the “good” faction, in this case it would be the Republic. So if you are a PvP guru you will want to play with other good players, which would be the empire. If you like to do operations and flashpoints, you should consider the republic.

When it comes to picking your class, there are actually a lot of options available to you. What I mean by this is that you can literally pick practically anyone you want and be able to fill nearly every role. The only classes you have to be careful about picking are the Jedi Knight or the Sith Warrior. These classes cannot play a healing role, but can both play tanks and DPS classes. Every other class in the game has an advanced specialization or talent tree which allows it to select the talents needed to play every role in the entire game.

Once you finally figure out your faction and your role, you are getting down to the last potions of thie SWTOR strategy guide. From here, you have to pick your server. I recommend checking out the server forums on the official website and look for servers which are hubs for either PvE or PvP and pick the server that is appealing to your playstyle. You would be surprised at just how much a server can influence the amount of fun you can have playing the game.

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Favorite Healthy Weight Loss Tips

weight loss tipsIf you need to lose weight, you want to make sure you don’t rush it and do it healthily. If you are going to lose weight, no doubt you are looking for some great healthy weight loss tips that will not only allow you to drop weight but also do it in a way that leaves you healthier and feeling better. This is actually a lot trickier proposition than it seems as many people do not make the right choice when it comes to their weight loss plans.

The first thing you will want to do is start exercising. It does not have to be much, as one of the best healthy weight loss tips is to just start walking every day. You don’t have to walk far, just start out with 20 minutes a day and eventually build up to 45 minutes a day. There is no limit to how much you can work up to.

Next, you will want to start cleaning up your diet. You will want to focus on replacing the sloppy foods in your diet with healthier things like fruits and vegetables. You can also start to reduce your carbohydrate intake and switch over from breads to more fibrous things like beans and other ruffage. Whole wheat does not really count as most people have no business eating heavy breads like whole wheat unless they are working out really hard.

Then, you will want to work on your healthy fats. Start pulling away things like dessert, corn, and vegetable oil and start using olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil for your cooking or toppings. Consider finding a place that sells butter from grass fed cows and add it to your diet. Grass fed butter contains a lot of enzymes which can actually speed up weight loss and improve digestion, but these fatty acids are lacking in normal butter from corn-fed cows.

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Steps to Learning How to Invest

how to investLet’s say you are a young college grad who picked up a job and now has a little bit of extra money around that you are thinking about investing. Before you do anything, you should learn how to invest wisely so you don’t end up wasting your money or selling yourself short on the market.

The first thing you need to do before you decide to invest your money is to pay off any debts. Credit card debt should go first and foremost, as this interest is often much higher than even your retirement account can generate. Credit card debt will bury you, so if you have it you need to get rid of it before you put a single cent into the stock market let alone any other bills you may have.

Next, you need to pay off any high interest loans you have. This could include your car or your student loans. If you get a 0% financing on a car, then you don’t want to pay that off until you have to – it’s better to invest your money and instead pay of student loans or whatever else you may have.

Once you pay off any high interest loans, you need to max out your retirement account. This includes making the maximum contribution to your 401k as well as opening a Roth IRA and maxing out your contribution to that. YOu can move this money around as you please, but make sure you do it through these funds long before you actually put your own money directly into a broker.

The reason for this is that these funds get a lot of tax breaks and sometimes you do not even have to pay tax on them at all. If you are able to do this tax free then naturally you will be able to invest much more money.

After investing tax free money, if you have a mortgage you would wanted to pay that off. If your mortgage is paid or you do not own property, you have no debt, and your retirement accounts are maxed out, then you can actually get down to the business of learning how to invest your own money directly in the stock market.

However, very few people will ever actually earn enough money to pay off all their bills, max out their retirement accounts, and still have money leftover to invest.

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Discover the Top Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Did you know that there are more acid reflux symptoms beyond heartburn? Most people thing acid reflux is simply experienced as a burning sensation behind the breast bone and that is all there is to it, but the truth is there are quite a few acid reflux symptoms.

acid reflux symptoms

You may wonder why you would want to know all the symptoms of heartburn. This is simply because heartburn often occurs in the middle of the night while you are asleep. Some people have chronic heartburn but never actually realize they have heartburn because they are asleep the entire time that they are experiencing it.

One other symptom of acid reflux that occurs while you are awake is burping up food, especially when accompanied by a bitter taste in your mouth. This is representative of a pretty serious case of acid reflux, even if you aren’t feeling any heartburn.

Additionally, there is even more to acid reflux than that. One thing you need to consider when dealing with acid reflux is that it can be silent and only happen when sleeping. This is most commonly represented by a chronic, simple cough during your waking hours. If you think you have a chronic cold, you actually might be experiencing acid reflux which is getting into your bronchi and irritating them.

Another thing you need to consider when dealing with acid reflux is that it can lead to a sore throat. This is another cold-like symptoms that may actually be caused by acid reflux.

Some other things people who have chronic acid reflux are misdiagnosed with include adult-onset asthma and allergies. Often these are just acid reflux which has symptoms which mimic allergies and asthma.

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What is a Stomach Ulcer and What Are Its Symptoms?

Stomach UlcerThink you have a stomach ulcer? Well, in this article, we will be revealing what the main symptoms of stomach ulcer are as well as everything there is to know about ulcers. One thing to know is that stomach ulcers are known as peptic ulcers as well – just something to remember!

The main symptoms of an ulcer are burning stomach pain and gnawing stomach pain. After all, peptic ulcers are a sore in the stomach or small intestine, so they feel a lot like a sore would on any other part of the body.

They do feel a little bit different though, and that is because the acid from your stomach touches the ulcered area which helps contribute to the burning sensation. The pain receptors in your stomach and small intestine also aren’t very specific, which is why you get a general stomach ache instead of a very refined sort of pain like you might get on your skin.

An ulcer itself is simply an erosion of the tissue and as mentioned above not only occurs in the stomach but also the small intestine. Specifically, the most common place to get ulcers is actually the duodenum, which is the entryway to the small intestine. This is the area where most ulcers strike surprisingly enough.

If you do have an ulcer, odds are you will be wanting to know how it got there and what to do about it. The primary cause of stomach ulcers is an unusual bacteria known as H pylori that happens to make its home in the tissues of your stomach and small intestine.

If you want to get rid of it, you have to deal with it just like any other bacteria: via antibiotics. However, H pylori is sort of a super bacteria and requires some very specific medicine to deal with. As a result, you are best off checking our your doctor should you be faced with this bacterium.

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