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The Final Rift Guide Ever Written

Posted by on September 19, 2011

Xerxes Guide ReviewIf you are ready to play Rift: Planes of Telara, you will need a good Rift guide. like the mentioned in Xerxes Guide review. That is of course unless you have played World of Warcraft. If you have played WoW before, playing Rift will seem very familiar as it is basically the exact same game with a different skin. It is actually quite humorous how similar the two games.

All things considered, the game is exactly like World of Warcraft aside from a few key points. The first thing is the whole “souls” part of the game. Each class basically has 8 talent trees that you can pick from. These talent trees also unlock all of your class abilities, so if you do not have a talent tree equipped, you don’t get the basic abilities of that class.

The other thing about the souls system is you do not get many talent points at all. You have just enough talent points to fill out one talent tree and put a few talent points in another tree. There are not many tri-specs. This means that you basically have 8 different classes which play somewhat similarly but have different abilities all under the same umbrella that is your class.

The end result is that while players have tons of options, it is really hard to balance. Some classes are very good as there are millions of combinations out there that people are just beginning to discover.

The real problem is that if they nerf all of these abilities to keep it balanced in PvP or PvE, the game will really start to lack flavor and excitement because all of these abilities will be the same.

Naturally, the game didn’t do good, but I don’t think that it had to do with the class system. Basically the developers of Rift revamped the class system to make it more flexible (which is a good thing), but also failed to do anything about their end-game system. They basically upgraded WoW’s class system but left end-game exactly the same, which sort of caused its downfall.

They could really have let players have fun with all these classes and options by keeping the nerfing light and making all content in the game doable by 1-4 people. This of course would result in a backlash from the very niche raiding community, but it would have been good for the game overall and people might actually still be playing it today if that was the case!

So much for a Rift guide!

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