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Favorite Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Posted by on August 31, 2011

weight loss tipsIf you need to lose weight, you want to make sure you don’t rush it and do it healthily. If you are going to lose weight, no doubt you are looking for some great healthy weight loss tips that will not only allow you to drop weight but also do it in a way that leaves you healthier and feeling better. This is actually a lot trickier proposition than it seems as many people do not make the right choice when it comes to their weight loss plans.

The first thing you will want to do is start exercising. It does not have to be much, as one of the best healthy weight loss tips is to just start walking every day. You don’t have to walk far, just start out with 20 minutes a day and eventually build up to 45 minutes a day. There is no limit to how much you can work up to.

Next, you will want to start cleaning up your diet. You will want to focus on replacing the sloppy foods in your diet with healthier things like fruits and vegetables. You can also start to reduce your carbohydrate intake and switch over from breads to more fibrous things like beans and other ruffage. Whole wheat does not really count as most people have no business eating heavy breads like whole wheat unless they are working out really hard.

Then, you will want to work on your healthy fats. Start pulling away things like dessert, corn, and vegetable oil and start using olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil for your cooking or toppings. Consider finding a place that sells butter from grass fed cows and add it to your diet. Grass fed butter contains a lot of enzymes which can actually speed up weight loss and improve digestion, but these fatty acids are lacking in normal butter from corn-fed cows.

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