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Discover the Top Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Posted by on August 22, 2011

Did you know that there are more acid reflux symptoms beyond heartburn? Most people thing acid reflux is simply experienced as a burning sensation behind the breast bone and that is all there is to it, but the truth is there are quite a few acid reflux symptoms.

acid reflux symptoms

You may wonder why you would want to know all the symptoms of heartburn. This is simply because heartburn often occurs in the middle of the night while you are asleep. Some people have chronic heartburn but never actually realize they have heartburn because they are asleep the entire time that they are experiencing it.

One other symptom of acid reflux that occurs while you are awake is burping up food, especially when accompanied by a bitter taste in your mouth. This is representative of a pretty serious case of acid reflux, even if you aren’t feeling any heartburn.

Additionally, there is even more to acid reflux than that. One thing you need to consider when dealing with acid reflux is that it can be silent and only happen when sleeping. This is most commonly represented by a chronic, simple cough during your waking hours. If you think you have a chronic cold, you actually might be experiencing acid reflux which is getting into your bronchi and irritating them.

Another thing you need to consider when dealing with acid reflux is that it can lead to a sore throat. This is another cold-like symptoms that may actually be caused by acid reflux.

Some other things people who have chronic acid reflux are misdiagnosed with include adult-onset asthma and allergies. Often these are just acid reflux which has symptoms which mimic allergies and asthma.

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