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An SWTOR Strategy Guide to Launch Day

Posted by on September 17, 2011

So, it’s launch day for SWTOR – what are you going to do? Head to for a good SWTOR strategy guide. Here, you will find your launch day plan so that you know exactly what to do once you get in the game. The first thing you will want to do is figure out what class you are going to pick and what faction you are going to play as.

SWTOR Strategy Guide

What you can expect based on the trends from previous MMORPGs is that the best PvP players typically always side with the “evil” faction, in this case it would be the Empire, while the best PvE players typically side with the “good” faction, in this case it would be the Republic. So if you are a PvP guru you will want to play with other good players, which would be the empire. If you like to do operations and flashpoints, you should consider the republic.

When it comes to picking your class, there are actually a lot of options available to you. What I mean by this is that you can literally pick practically anyone you want and be able to fill nearly every role. The only classes you have to be careful about picking are the Jedi Knight or the Sith Warrior. These classes cannot play a healing role, but can both play tanks and DPS classes. Every other class in the game has an advanced specialization or talent tree which allows it to select the talents needed to play every role in the entire game.

Once you finally figure out your faction and your role, you are getting down to the last potions of thie SWTOR strategy guide. From here, you have to pick your server. I recommend checking out the server forums on the official website and look for servers which are hubs for either PvE or PvP and pick the server that is appealing to your playstyle. You would be surprised at just how much a server can influence the amount of fun you can have playing the game.

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